How it works

If you are new to Phone A Doctor (PAD), this is the first page to study carefully because it has a good deal of information that you will find useful as you talk to our doctors on PHONE/CHAT on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If you need help with using more advanced tools, please login and have a look on our Help Page. While you may also have a chat with our staff online now, it is a good idea to read through this page first in order to have more information before you go into chat.

Here's how it works - YOU CALL.  WE LISTEN. WE REFER.

If You Are Unwell

sick_unwell.jpgIf you are unwell or you are with someone else who needs to SPEAK/CHAT with a Doctor, start by calling any of the phone numbers above. When you call, you will be able to speak to an Admin Staff who will take your details to ensure you are properly registred on the PAD database. 

The Admin Staff will put you through to a Doctor who would patiently listen to you.  Our doctor will discuss your medical issues with you; they will take notes and make a recommendation based on their education, experience and expertise. At the end of the conversation, the Doctor  will refer you to an appropriate medical resource close to where you live or where you are at the time of the call.

At the ens of the call/chat, our doctor will send to your mobile phone a summary of your call. They will also send a copy of the summary to the medical resource where they have just referred you so that there could be a follow up on your medical issue.


Talking to the Doctor

doctor_phone.jpgOur doctors are friendly and waiting to hear from you. When our Admin Staff puts you through to a doctor, you will have around 15mins for each call/chat. If you exceed 15mins, the Doctor may ask you to call again as there may be other people waiting.

It is important that you patiently explain your medical situation to our doctor or get a friend or loved one to do the talking with you.  If there is anything the doctor says that you do not understand, politely tell them to repeat as it is important for you to fully understand what they have said about your medical situation.


We Need Donations

card_pay-(1).jpgOur Service is totally FREE to the Patient. While we do not charge a fee to use Phone A Doctor, we still need money to keep the service running and your donations will help greatly.  Please see our donations page for ways to give to PAD.   Payments are handled by OnlineNaira where you will be able to pay by cash or through any cards.

We also allow other ways to pay such as mobile money. This means you would be able to send money from your phone to PAD using the appropriate USSD code for your bank. [more]



Doctor's Referral

Referral-Program-640X640.jpgit is important that you follow-up on the referral that our doctor has given you. Remember that our doctors did not see you in order to provide medical diagnosis.  This is the reason it is important for you to follow-up on whatever referral our doctor has given you.

The medical resource will also call you to arrange an appointment.  If you did not call from your usual place of residence or would not be going home any time soon, pls tell the doctor to refer you to another medical resource closer to where you are at the time of the call.

If you are unsure about how anything works in PAD, pls feel free to chat with a member staff now.