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When should I use Phone A Doctor?
Phone A Doctor should not be used as a replacement for a visit to the Doctor who would examine you physically and recommend a prescription or line of action. However, we recommend using Phone A Doctor As a quick access to medical care. Our Doctors will share their medical experience, training and education with you so you have information even before you visit the Doctors. Phone A Doctor could also be used to get a second opinion on any issues you have discussed with your own doctor so that you get more confident on any issues diagnosed. When you are very ill and cannot get to the doctors. All we ask is that you call us on phone or get a loved one to call on your behalf and a Doctor will triage you within a few minutes, recommend what you need to do and then refer you to an appropriate doctor to visit as soon as it becomes possible. When you need urgent medical help. If your Doctor is not close to where you are at the moment, call Phone A Doctor for any urgent issues. Our Doctors will refer you to a good and proven healthcare resource where you are anywhere in Nigeria. When it’s too late to visit the doctors. Most Doctors are not reachable during the night or weekends. Phone A Doctor is all you need at such times. When you need to know what medical help is available. We have a rich database of all medical resources in Nigeria and we are adding new ones as soon as we know they exist. This rich database is at the disposal of all our Doctors and they would be glad to share with you. You could also get a list of all medical resources in your area when you logon to the secure area of our website.
How do I make a donation?
There are a few different ways to make a donation to Phone A Doctor as follows: - Pay with OnlineNaira - Mobile Transfer - Cash into Bank - Online Banking