The medical service we offer here at Phone A Doctor (PAD) is totally FREE for the Patient, but someone still needs to pay for the Doctors who offer online advice (TRIAGE).  We therefore need your help to keep offering this service FREE forever.  A lot of people have said it is impossible to offer medical service for free at the point of delivery; well, they are wrong as we are already making this possible.

Our Needs
We would appreciate any amount of money you donate, but the following are our needs so you have an idea how much it costs to offer FREE online Triage to every Nigerian.

  • We need N120,000 to pay each Doctor per month
  • We need N360,000 to provide 1 Doctor on shift daily for 1 Month.
  • We need N720,000 to ensure there is are 2 Doctors on shift daily for 1 Month.
  • We need N4,320,000 to provide 1 Doctor on shift daily for 12 Months.
  • We need N8,640,000 to provide 2 Doctors on shift daily for 12 Months.


Donation Options:


To pay with OnlineNaira, you will need to sign-up to make a deposit and then make a donation - [more]. If you already have an account with OnlineNaira, pls login now, click on SEND and choose Phone A Doctor in the Payments option. Enter an amount and your name.  Alternatively, send money from your OnlineNaira account to phoneadoctor.

OnlineNaira Accepts money in the following ways:

  • Cash into bank
  • Bank Wire/Internet Banking
  • ATM, Credit or Debit Cards issued in Nigeria
  • M-Pesa
  • Mobile Money in Ghana
  • International Credit/Debit Cards