About us

Phone A Doctor is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all your medical needs.  We have doctors here to adequately look after your own health and the health of the other people who depend on you.

Our approach to healthcare is really simple – YOU CALL :: WE LISTEN :: WE REFER!

When you call us, our Doctors will listen patiently to you, they will ask questions to identify what the issue is and then recommend a line of action and refer you to a proven medical resource where necessary. At Phone A Doctor, we are Customer-Centric and everything we do revolves around you – The Patient.

Phone A Doctor for Groups
If you have a spouse, you will be able to sign-up your spouse as part of a group so that your family could be looked after adequately and at any time you have a need for medical help. If/when you have children, you will also be able to add your children and any other people who depend on you. There is a good reason why you need to register all the members of your family with us as similar medical issues or concerns tend to be shared between members of the same family. If one child brings Cough home from school, it could quickly spread to the siblings or the parents, etc. When you register with us, our Doctors would be able to recommend the appropriate line of action to ensure the whole family remain in good health.

If you are an employer or wishes to offer healthcare to many people, you will need to register as a Group. Group Registration ensures you receive a discount depending on the number of people you have in your group. Each group member is treated as an individual, but remains part of the group and billed as such.


Our Doctors
We have seasoned doctors who will patiently listen to your medical concerns and based on their education and experience, provide you with an immediate course of action and where necessary, refer you to an appropriate health resource such as a Clinic, Laboratory, Optician, Dentist and so on. Our Doctors are not only experienced professionals, but trained to use the latest technology to ensure you get the appropriate medical recommendations and referral that is best suited to your needs.