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We want you to partner with us to offer top quality Triage to all Nigerians online. We want people to be assured and confident that Nigeria has a first-class medical infrastructure on the ground and it could be accessed on a 24/7 basis with little or no effort. Partner with PAD

Partner with us as a Service Provider
We take the Calls, we Triage the patients and we REFER the PATIENT to you for treatment and follow-up. Here are some of the reasons we want you to partner with us as a Service Provider:

Longer Reach - We have the technical know-how to make some noise both online and offline so we can reach the patients you cannot reach and refer them to you.  PAD is nationwide and it means we have put in place resources to reach virtually every Nigerian.  When they have a medical needs, we Triage them and then send to you locally. Some do not know you exist, but we are here to ensure even more people in your local area know where you are.

Investment In Medicine - We have a mission to change the medical landscape of Nigeria with targeted investment in medical facilities that offer the most benefit to Nigerians. We want you to partner with us so we invest in the right facilities and those that compliment your clinics, laboratories and hospitals.

Statistics & Trend - We have Statistics and Trend Analysis that show us the direction of the Medical Industry in Nigeria and we have plans in place to do more Researches and Surveys that will help to influence Government decisions.

Online Appointments - We are offering every partner a FREE Online Appointments Booking Service. This will ensure all your patients have an online interface where they could book a doctor's appointment. The appointment booking will be tailored to your own needs.

Preferential Referrals - When our Doctors Triage a Patient, we would send them to our Partners first. We would send you referrals on a preferential basis. When people search for medical resources on our website, your Service will come up first.

Resource Location - We will work with you to locate modern medical facilities in your clinic.

Partner with us as an Institution
The Nigerian workforce cannot function adequately without the provision of efficient healthcare. Partner with us and we will do not only offer Free healthcare to your staff, but also offer an API integration to make reaching a Doctor easier from your corporate website.

Pad is open to your ideas and feedback so we better understand how to serve you and your employees better..

In return for the benefits highlighted above, we are asking you to pay a yearly fee of N50,000.  Sign-up Now!