6 killers of under 5yr-Olds

The following are the six most prevalent killers of under 5s:

  1. Malaria - is caused by bite of infected anopheles mosquito
  2. Measles - is a viral disease cause by the measle virus
  3. Malnutrition - results from prolonged inadequate or deficient food nutrients such as Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, etc
  4. Respiratory diseases - are gotten by inhalation (breathing in) of infected droplets(aerosols)
  5. Diarrheal diseases - most often gotten by intake of contaminated food or water
  6. HIV/AIDS - (M3RDH) - HIV/AIDS is caused by HIV virus

The Symptoms vary from Fever, Headache, Weakness, Cough, Catarrh, Rashes, Dehydration, Weight Loss, Convulsion, Loss of Consciousness and even Death.

If you have a child with any of the above symptoms or knows someone who does, please call Phone A Doctor Now.
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